Dive into Reading is here!
Thu, Jan 11 5:35pm
Redwood Shores Elementary

School-Force Read-A-Thon DIVES IN tomorrow!

Here comes the School–Force Reading Power Read-A-Thon! Students start reading this Friday, January 12th!  Look for a complete Reading Power Packet in your child’s backpack. Inside will be Instructions, FAQs, a reading log and a pledge sheet. 

The Read-A-Thon will run Jan. 12th - 26th

We need volunteers to make sure this event is a smashing success! Check out the opportunities: 


The Read-A-Thon is the perfect way for family, friends and neighbors to encourage your children’s academic success and support the school.  Last year, students in our district read more than 2.5 million minutes and raised over $324,000 for School-Force! Our public schools rely on these fundraising programs to help improve the quality of our kids’ education. The funds supported class size reduction, libraries, music, science teachers, reading specialists and many other programs. This year our school goal is to have 100% student participation and to raise $60,000. If you plan on supporting our school just $100 per month, you can use this fundraising to provide all of your annual support and sponsor your kids in the process! Don't forget to take advantage of employers’ matching programs! This year to encourage company matching donations we have added a new award category that your kids can participate in.

Mark your calendars for these fun Read-A-Thon events:

Wednesday Jan 17th:

  • School-wide Pajama Day! In addition to wearing their favorite PJs, students will come together for an "All-School Read" during the school day.
  • First Pie Throw! Students who have raised $150 or secured over 5 pledges of $5 or more will be eligible to enter in the pie throw activity!
  • Redwood Shores Reading Night at Redwood Shores Library Community Room, 7-7:45 pm! Students will hear stories read by our mystery readers. They'll also get to add 45 minutes of reading to their logs!    

Wednesday Jan 24th:

  • Second Pie Throw!! To get the excitement going, students who have raised $500 or secured over 10 pledges of $5 or more OR secured over $50 in matching donation by Jan 24th will be eligible to enter in 2 sets of pie throw activities!

Starting Tuesday, Jan 16th, through Friday, Jan 26th, students can bring their reading logs to the school Library or Kinder Yard before the bell and get credit for each 100 min, 500 min, or $150 milestone. They will be rewarded with a sea creature to add to the Multipurpose or Kinder Yard murals. 


Take advantage of the book exchange booths on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during the Read-A-Thon!



  • Mural awards:
    • Every 100 min => 1 seal for the mural
    • Every 500 min => 1 fish for the mural
    • Every $150 => 1 fancy fish for the mural
  • 1000-Minute club winners get a Frisbee
  • Pie Throw 1/17: 3 pies
    • Every $150 gets 3 raffle tickets
    • 5+ pledges get 1 raffle tickets (minimum pledge of $5)
  • Pie throw 1/24 Matching Pies; 3 pies bucket 1
    • Any matching fund promise of $50 or more gets 1 raffle ticket
  • Pie throw 1/24 Ms Cahoon: 3 pies bucket 2
    • $500 gets 10 raffle tickets
    • 10+ pledges get 3 raffle tickets 
  • End of Reading Power prizes (selection of prizes to choose from)
    • $150 get 2 raffles 
    • $250 get 6 raffles
  • Top Fundraiser in school
  • Top Fundraiser in each class

And more!


For more information about Reading Power, visit www.schoolforce.org/reading-power.

Questions? Contact Sandra Delrahim, Reading Power Chair, at rwse_rpchair@schoolforce.org