For Committee Chairs
Thu, Jul 20 4:51pm
Redwood Shores Elementary

Dear PTA Committee Chairs,


Thank you so much for your commitment in the upcoming school year to chair the various PTA committees.  There is much to be done, so I truly appreciate your dedication as I know your children will too!


For reference, the PTA follows the school fiscal year, which begins July 1st and ends June 30th.  You are welcome to begin planning and executing on your committee commitment effective immediately.  


In addition to the prior year chairs (If there was one, he/she is around this upcoming year!), the PTA Executive Board is here to help.  Your prior year chairs are the experts, so they will be excellent resources to whom you should reach out ASAP.  For those without prior year chairs, please work with your PTA Exec Board liaisons for ideas or to bounce ideas if you already have them.  


As you know we will be managing everything in Konstella.  I hope you’ve had a chance to play with it as it will be your primary tool for communications, sign-ups, etc. if your committee requires it.  We will also use it for documentation of the responsibilities and commitment for future chairs, so please actively manage your Konstella page as needed.


Your PTA Exec Board liaison will reach out to you with further instructions and prior year chair emails if available or needed.  I will also put your names on the school website as the chairs of each of these committees for reference (without contact info).  Please let me know if you would like to be excluded from the website.


Please bear with us as this is the first year we are formalizing the committee organization process as well as adopting Konstella as the PTA’s tool for all information and communications.  There are kinks we will need to work out, and we appreciate your patience and partnership to make this a great experience for all.


Again, on behalf of RSES PTA, RSES Staff and all the children, Thank You!



Sandy Nelson

RSES PTA President