Free money for our schools just for shopping...
Wed, Nov 29 1:16pm
Redwood Shores Elementary

Apologies for cluttering up the home page feed -- Konstella seems to be auto-updating my link so I'm giving up and just showing where to find it.


Hi families! 


Since we're nearing the time when many of us start purchasing even more from Amazon, I wanted to remind you that the best way to get a little something back for the schools is to use the Amazon Associates program.  We do have other programs like Smile for the PTA, and it's certainly ok to use that, but the amount we receive back is far greater (generally 3 - 10%, depending on the item purchased) from the Associates program than through Smile.


Go here, and click on the Amazon Associates image:


Also, for those of you purchasing holiday cards or other picture gifts from Shutterfly, you can use this storefront and Shutterfly will donate 13% (!) of the purchase to SchoolForce:


So please, use those links for all your shopping throughout the year and help SchoolForce help the kids!!


Thanks, and I hope everyone has a great break!