Halloween Parade
Wed, Oct 31 8:50am
Redwood Shores Elementary
1 day before

Redwood Shores Elementary School’s

Halloween Parade

Wednesday, October 31st 8:50am


This year, on Wednesday, October 31st, Redwood Shores is having its annual Halloween Parade. The parade will start at approximately 8:50am. Classes will parade around the school using the same route as the Walk-A-Thon.

When planning your costumes and attending this event, please keep the following in mind, as these are the expectations and guidelines for the day:

  • Families are more than welcome to attend and watch our celebration. We ask that you stand along the sides of the parade route. Please be considerate of classes parading and do not walk or cut through the parade. Please walk outside of the parade route the entire time, the students will be making two complete laps. (Should it be a rainy day, there will be an alternate route for the parade in the hallways. In this situation, we ask parents to stand outside of the Multipurpose room and the Library to view the students in the parade. )
  • Healthy Treats are recommended anytime that the children are eating at school. Pleasebe mindful about food allergies and healthy food choices. Students are not allowed to have candy at school during celebrations or for snack and lunch any day of the year.
  • Costumes should be tasteful, modest, and appropriate for a school environment.
  • Students are invited to wear their costumes to school. They need to bring a change of clothes (in a bag labeled with their name), so that they can change out of costumes after the parade.
  • No form of weapon, blood, or gore may be part of the costume. This includes bows, arrows, javelins, swords, etc.
  • This should be a fun day for all children, so we are asking that scary characters from movies such as Scream, Chuckie, and Jason, etc. not be part of the day. We need to be sensitive to younger children on campus and current world events.
  • Parking will be challenging on campus. We recommend walking to school, if possible.

We look forward to seeing you on the parade route.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

Happy Halloween!