Ice Cream + Warriors Game = Monday Evening Win!
Thu, Jun 6 2:15pm
Redwood Shores Elementary

Have you been trying to decide if you are coming to the Ice Cream Social or staying home to watch the Warriors game on Monday? Big don't have to choose! And you can even help scoop some ice cream while you watch.


Ms. Amsler has granted us permission to stream the game onto a screen during the Ice Cream Social provided that good sportsmanship is shown by the fans in Redwood Shores. This means having a positive attitude (regardless of the events of the game), no booing, no trash talking, and supervising your students while on campus. 


We are still in need of volunteers to help scoop ice cream on Monday evening! Please check the sign up sheet here on Konstella to see which shifts have openings. It's become somewhat of a tradition for RSE alumni to help scoop, so sign up your middle schoolers and high schoolers, too!


Thank you for all you do to make our events fun and successful! We can't do this without all of you!