Message from Ms. Cahoon
Tue, Aug 22 11:21pm
Redwood Shores Elementary

Dear Families,


We are so excited to launch the school year with all of you tomorrow!


The families of 550 new and returning students will come to campus at about the same time. Many site and district personnel will be available to point you to the office, to look up your child's teacher or classroom, or answer your questions. Please say hi to everyone you see, introduce yourself to someone new, and help each child and family feel a little bit more at home each day, starting August 23!


Please allow plenty of time in the morning and do everything possible to walk or bike to school. Parking will be very difficult, so if you must drive, please carpool, exercise caution and patience, look out for our kids, and go slowly. It is better to be late than to be unsafe, so please take your time and expect congestion. Follow all local and state laws about parking, driving, and crossing streets. Let's share the road and keep each other safe.


During school hours, please enter campus though the main office (not through the play yard). If you're volunteering in a classroom or visiting a program, please check in with the office before proceeding to your planned destination. You may be asked for identification and the purpose of your visit, and you will be asked to wear a badge. Despite the safety and security of our community, we want to ensure that our campus has a procedure to register and identify all adult visitors. Thank you for your cooperation.


If you need a restroom, please go to the front office where we have two separate single stall bathrooms available for use by an adult or a child with an adult caregiver, regardless of gender or age.


Please read on for some important information about arrival, dismissal, and new staff.


Stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, our new website (, and on Konstella!


Preschool Families (Monday-Thursday)

Arrive between 8:45-8:55a. Enter campus near bike racks and room 28 off the parking lot and proceed directly to rooms 25-27, as other classes will be in session. Class begins at 9a. The team and I cannot wait to see you!


Come to campus between 12:20-12:30p for pickup from the classroom doors at 12:30p. Wait patiently as each child must be released to a designated adult, and many names and faces are new to our staff. Enter and exit campus by the bike racks and room 28, as other classes will be in session.


Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten Families (Monday-Friday)

Arrive between 8:30-8:40a. Enter campus along the bike lane and approach the Kindergarten wing from the gates by the main office. Line up by the classroom door. Please say goodbye and then allow your child to greet the teacher with a hug, handshake, high five, or a smile. Please do not wait or play on the play yard or courts. This allows older students and their teachers to focus during the start of the school day.


Come to the same area between 12:40-12:45p. Enter campus the same way as in the morning and wait outside the black gates near the office and parking lot, rather than on the blacktop or hallways near classrooms. Wait patiently as each child must be released to a designated adult, and many names and faces are new to our staff. Enter and exit campus by the bike lane, particularly on full-length days when many classes continue past Kindergarten dismissal.


1st through 5th Grade Families (Wednesdays and Early Dismissal Days--Dismissal at 12:20p)

Arrive between 8:10-8:20a. Enter campus through the small gate by room 3 or the small gate by the field. Note that the large rolling gate on the fire lane parallel to Shearwater has been secured and is now reserved for emergency vehicles and unusual deliveries. This is for the safety of our students and staff who play and teach on the blacktop each and every day. Students and families may find their teacher's line by the signs they are holding. Listen for a chime at 8:21a, when all students will line up with their teacher. Parents, please say goodbye to your child and then move toward the fence along Shearwater to allow students to see and hear the morning meeting speakers. Announcements will start promptly at 8:25a. When concluded, teachers will escort their classes to their rooms. Parents, please leave space, wave, and remain on the blacktop. Do not follow classes, enter hallways, or peek through windows. While you want to savor one more moment of seeing your child, it's a smoother transition if our children know we trust their teachers and can shift their focus to their class. By 8:30-8:35, please proceed to the K wing, the garden area outside the front office, or to the sidewalk to chat and catch up.


Come to the front gates for dismissal between 12:20-12:30p. Once the bell rings, come into the blacktop area and wait patiently as each child must be released to a designated adult, and many names and faces are new to our staff. Enter and exit campus through any gates, as classes will not be in session. By 1:15p, Footsteps Child Care will be using leased spaces on campus for their programs, including the blacktop and play structure. When you see their staff and students, please allow them to use the space.


New Staff

Join me in welcoming several exceptional new team members tomorrow. They have been preparing all summer and cannot wait to meet you. Some are new to our BRSSD family, while others bring experience from other district schools. If you want to know more, you should come to back to school night this Thursday from 6:30-8p!


Ms. Brant, Second Grade


Ms. Morris, Fifth Grade--long-term substitute for Mrs. Lee


Ms. Silva, Fifth Grade


Mr. Kruger, Learning Center


Mrs. Corso, District Psychologist


Ms. Rich, Science Specialist (Cipriani and RWS)


We look forward to seeing you very soon to kick off an outstanding year together! Our kids deserve it!