Fri, Feb 1 5:32pm
Redwood Shores Elementary

Happy Friday Redwood Shores Elementary!


The race to be the top reading grade is getting really tight,! If you have been watching the different grades fish progress on the banners outside the office, you already know! Thank you Jayna and Travis !

You are also now able to go online to see how all the classes and grades are doing with their reading, as well as the list of our top readers if you copy and paste the following link into your browser. Thank you Marina, this is also super cool!

Well done to all our readers! I am sure we have all surpassed our reading goals set. Now lets see if we can reach our FUNDRAISING goal of $60 000. This progress is also shown online at the link above.


A reminder to all those still to complete your Pledge Forms, and collect your money. You, your friends and family are able to donate online as well as by cash and / or check. We will be collecting and collating all this next week. Those who have already handed in their pledge forms will be automatically entered into the PIE THROWING event on Monday, and may be eligible for further prizes :)

Monday Feb 4th :

  • Second Pie Throw!! Again students who have raised $500 or secured over 10 pledges of $5 or more OR secured over $50 in matching donation by Feb 1st will be eligible to enter in 2 sets of pie throw activities!

Again, Thank you to everyone who is/has participated in this Read-a-Thon! Children , Parents and Teachers ! Everyone seems to be really getting into the spirit of reading (and collecting beads).

We had an overwhelming number of packets returned today, which was awesome to see. However because of this we unfortunately ran out of time collating all of the minutes and Pledge Forms before the end of school .  (we are still busy). If you did not receive your packet back by the end of the day, (Ms Higginson and Ms Silva's classes) please record your final days reading (today) on a separate sheets of paper and hand it in on Monday. 


More prizes will be awarded once the pledges are all in next Friday: 

  • Minute awards:
    • Every 100 min => 1 bead for your necklace
    • Every 500 min =>1  special bead for your necklace
    • Check the murals for progress on Fundraising AND minutes achieved!!
  • 1000-Minute club winners get a sling back pack to wear proudly
  • Pie Throw 1/28
    • Every $150 gets 3 raffle tickets
    • 5+ pledges get 1 raffle tickets (minimum pledge of $5)
      • Any matching fund promise of $50 or more gets 1 raffle ticket
  • Pie throw 2/4 
    • $500 gets 10 raffle tickets
    • 10+ pledges get 3 raffle tickets 
      • Any matching fund promise of $50 or more gets 1 raffle ticket
  • Top Fundraiser in school
  • Top Fundraiser in each class
  • Top Class both minutes and Fundraising
  • Class prizes for 100% participation





For more information about Reading Power, visit

Questions? Contact Garth Fraser, Reading Power Chair, at