STEAM Robotics Assembly provided by RWSE PTA
Wed, Mar 20 8:40am-10:30am
Redwood Shores Elementary

Time to get STEAMed up! When Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Math come together, amazing things happen.

Excite students with an interactive journey through the concepts that bring robots to life.

Turn students into a giant sensor circuit that really works!

Have a magnetic tug of war and see how strong motors can be.

Find your balance through programs that keep robots (and people) from toppling over.

Invite a robot to fly up and take a class photo from above.

Though many robots don't look like humans at all, what robot show would be complete without a super cute humanoid that can dance the Macarena? Or ballet? Or learn new dances from students? Even robots love to learn new steps!


STEAM Robotics is exciting, interactive and funny. Most of all, STEAM Robotics is educational. Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, students learn about: 

  • Sensing/electricity - how senses sense electricity and changing how it flows
  • Programming - how robots "know" what to do
  • Output/Motors - how we turn electricity into motion, light or other forms of energy using electromagnetism
  • Feedback Loops - how robots work automatically and get things right (almost) every time

1st group - TK  to 2nd graders

2nd group - 3rd to 5th graders