SchoolForce: One thank you, one request
Mon, Feb 5 12:44pm
Redwood Shores Elementary

Hello Redwood Shores Families!


On behalf of SchoolForce, I'd like to thank all of you for participating in the read-a-thon the last couple weeks.  The energy the kids had for both reading and raising money was amazing to see, and I hope they all were able to further develop their love for reading.  The read-a-thon is our biggest fundraising event each year, and I'm hopeful that RWSE was able to help make it the most successful event to date.  I'll pass along final numbers for minutes and dollars. as soon as I have them.  I'd also like to specifically thank Sandra Delrahim for all of her hard work as the Read-a-Thon chair, and to all of the volunteers that donated their time each day -- without you all, it would be impossible to pull this off!


And now my request:  the next (and final) event of our fundraising year is the auction on March 30.  Obviously I'd like you all to attend the event, which is always a great time, but we also are looking for auction items.  If you have goods or services you can donate, please let me know.  Some ideas that have worked really well in the past:


- Tickets (Warriors, 9ers, concerts, plays, etc)

- Vacations (i.e. people have auctioned off their access to a house in Tahoe for a week)

- Host a parent only event hosting (artists have done things like 'wine and paint' nights, there's a dad's and mom's pub crawl, this really could be anything that people would enjoy)

- Host a parent + kid event (some schools have had parents host a mommy/daughter dance in their multi-purpose room, for example, and charged $25 or so for people to come)

- Leverage your skills (a local real estate agent has auctioned off "i'll sell your house for $1", handyman services have auctioned off a half day of repair work...)


We're looking to our families to contribute these ideas so that we can auction off as many things as we can.  If you can donate goods or your time/skills for an event similar to the examples above, please let me know and I'll get you in touch with the auction event organizers.


You'll be hearing more about the auction soon.  For now just block off the evening of March 30 on your calendars, and get us your auction item ideas!


Thanks again!