Thank you from the Walkathon Committee!
Tue, Oct 9 7:25am
Redwood Shores Elementary

Thank you very much for supporting the Walkathon!  We had great turnout this year and the kids walked so much!  You can log into your children's homepage on dojiggy to review how many check points they completed. Currently, including sponsors, we have ~$21k of donation.  We are still expecting more to come in.  If you haven't donated, it's not too late!  We will announce the per grade and overall winning class during next Monday's assembly.  


We would not have been able to hold this event without the support of all the parent volunteers, teachers, staff and sponsors!  We especially appreciate the middle school and high school students coming back to volunteer for their school.  


Sincerely from the Walkathon Committee:

Jen Leung

Vijay Rawat

Fabia Lazzaro

Shamica Vivekanand

Maelle Olivola

Paris Jalali