The Catch: November 18, 2018
Sun, Nov 18 9:55pm
Redwood Shores Elementary

November 18, 2018  Volume 9, Issue 15

Keep reading for school messages, reminders and community announcements.  

Superintendent's Message 
ICYMI: BRSSD schools will be open Monday, and we also plan to be open Tuesday.
Rationale: The AQI has been in the red consistently this weekend (per both and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District), and it is forecast for orange/red tomorrow and Tuesday. Also, the Sequoia Union High School District has announced that their schools will be open as well.
Staying home for health reasons: If you choose to keep your child home, please call in the absence for health reasons, and we will excuse your student's absence. There will be no penalty, academic or otherwise, for missing school tomorrow. Students will be expected to make up the work that they miss.
Dress warmly: If you choose to send your student to school, we will be following the County's recommended Shelter in Place protocol. This means that our AC/Heating units will be turned off. So our classrooms will start off cold tomorrow. Please send your student with layers of clothing so that he/she can stay warm in the morning and comfortable as the classroom warms through the day.
Recess/Lunch/PE: We plan to follow our AQI "red" protocol for tomorrow, which keeps our students indoors for academics, PE, and recess. I will let you know if conditions improve, and we decide to do something different.
Michael Milliken, Superintendent 

PTA President’s Message
Dear Parents,
Thanksgiving is this week!  Wow!  I can’t believe it’s here already.  I’m sure I’ve said that many times already and will do so the rest of the school year.  Time seems to go faster and faster every year. Hope someone is able to figure out some way to slow down time soon.  
There are so many things to be thankful for this year.  First, I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve the community and share in our PTA meetings what’s happening in our school and district.  Our last PTA meeting for 2018 was postponed to Friday, Dec 14th due to the school closure last Friday. If you feel like you’re not informed or are missing out on important information, become a PTA member and come to the meetings!  Here’s a link to join.
Second, I’m thankful for the teachers and staff who make school a welcome, warm and fun place of learning for our children.  Hope conferences are going well, and they will continue through Tuesday.
Third, I’m thankful for trash cans!  I’m sure I never thought I’d be saying this, but I truly am.  Thanks to your generous contributions, PTA purchased trash bins that will help keep our campus clean and help educate our children about recycling and composting.  Thank you to last year’s School Smarts program, led by Ms. Williams, where this initiative started. Narkees Rosenberg took the lead, researched the best trash bins that will meet all the requirements and made a recommendation to PTA. Shannon Guzzetta reached out to our neighbor LYNGSO who was able to help place the bins in the right places. Ms. Amsler and Arief Hassan, our district facilities manager, helped determine where to place it based on district and facilities regulations.  It took a village to get this seemingly simple job complete, and I am so thankful for everyone involved!
Fourth, I am thankful for my PTA Executive Board Team.  In this issue, I’d like to highlight the VP Events position. Thank you to Alicia Westra for holding this position and helping our community bond and celebrate with awesome events. She has been instrumental in ensuring the events you’ve seen/participated in were huge successes and will continue to do so with events to come. The VP of events is responsible for overseeing the committee chairs of the events, has knowledge of our resources available and understands the PTA liability rules to be able to serve as consultant to committee chairs as needed. The events this position is responsible for are Welcome Event, Multicultural Festival, Family Dinner Dance, End of Year Ice Cream Social and 5th Grade Promotion. There are other events that happen during the school year that may require help and VP Events will also aid in those.
Fifth, I am thankful to my family for the support as I serve as PTA President this year and last year.  There are much much more that I am thankful for. This Thanksgiving I will definitely feel my heart burst with gratitude with the amazing life I have, the dedicated friends and family in my life, and the heartwarming community we have at RSE.  I hope you have time this break to reflect on what you are thankful for and come back next week with a renewed motivation to make this world a better place! 
Happy Thanksgiving! Go Seals!
Sandy Nelson, PTA President 

PTA Announcements  

Last Call to Order Your Spirit Wear & Gear!
Our new school logo is featured on many new styles and items are available for the whole family! Place your order and WEAR your SPIRIT on FRIDAYS!  Order through Konstella  (you may need to use a web browser to review size specs, not the Konstella app).  Click here for a flyer with item images.  The deadline to order is November 19th.    

One Last Discount For Yearbooks!
Our yearbook team has been busy taking pictures of our students making great memories at all the recent school events! Remember to order your yearbook filled with these memories! TreeRing is offering one last discount at 5% off the regular price of $20.39, including two FREE custom pages for your student. 
To order, go to and enter our school code #101282597210657. For questions, contact Christine Wong.

Community Messages
Note: The following items are shared as a service to our school and are not affiliated with the District or PTA. The PTA have not reviewed the listed activities and services, have not conducted background checks of any individuals, and do not endorse them.  Families should research these activities and services before enrolling their children.

Sandpiper School Musical: Aladdin KIDS
Sandpiper presents its annual school musical -- Aladdin KIDS -- with performances on December 7th, 8th, and 9th.  Tickets go on sale November 9th. See flyer or contact Cristen Shinbashi for details.

Upcoming Events
  • Nov 19-20: Early Dismissal for Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Nov 21-23: Thanksgiving Break - No School
  • Wed Nov 28: Sword in the Stone Presentation (sponsored by the PTA)
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