Walkathon Winners!
Tue, Oct 16 5:19pm
Redwood Shores Elementary

The Walkathon winners were announced during the Monday assembly.  Thank you so much for your donation and your kids' participation!  We had a great time and raised ~$23k(including sponsors, etc.) for the PTA to fund the kids' upcoming field trips, enrichment programs and educational supplies!  We will be closing Dojiggy soon but it's not too late to donate.  


Per Grade Winning Class:

5th Grade:  Ms DeStefani

4th Grade: Mrs Imura

3rd Grade: Mrs Norman

2nd Grade: Ms Storm

1st Grade: Mrs Ildefonso

K: Ms Becker

TK:  Ms Williams(all winners for participating at such a young age!)

Overall School Champion: 1st Grade Mrs Ildefonso!!  


Congratulations to all the winners!  Extra recess for 3rd-5th grade will be on Wed.  Your teachers will contact you regarding PJ day for K-2nd grade.  



Thank you from your Walkathon Committee:

Jen Leung

Vijay Rawat

Fabia Lazzaro

Shamica Vivekanand

Paris Jalali

Maelle Olivola