5th Grade Promotion

The 5th Grade Promotion takes place every year on the last day of school. The ceremony itself, plus all the aspects of the ceremony and event, including but not limited to speeches, certificates, performances, decorations, keepsakes, grade outings and refreshments, is coordinated by the Room Parents of each 5th grade class, plus the 5th grade teachers, and the Principal as needed.


These Committee Chairs are to be guided by their liaison on the PTA Executive Board, who will assist in their planning and budget keeping as needed. This Board member is their main point of contact in connecting with the Board to assess supplies and budget needs, obtain approval for final planning, and acquire general association permissions as needed.


The Board liaison for this position is: 2nd VP of Events

Positions (1/3 filled)

Committee Chair - 5th grade room parents Signed Up: 0 / 8

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5th Grade Staff Members Signed Up: 1 / 4

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Board Liaison for 5th Grade Promotion Signed Up: 1 / 1