Enrichment Co-Chairs

If you are passionate about making sure we are able to provide before and afterschool Enrichment Activities for our students.  This is for you!  Chair responsibilities include but not limited to:


  • being the contact for all club leads
  • being the Exec Board Liaison with regard to Enrichment
  • being the Principal Liaison with regard to Enrichment
  • enforce PTA rules
    • set budget with the leads
    • ensure clubs stay within their budget
    • have them talk to you before spending over or it will not be reimbursed
    • help leads with reimbursement process
    • proposal approved by PTA Board (PTA Board meets 1st Friday of the month only) and Principal
    • budget
    • ensure leads are PTA members
    • have access to waivers from all parents of participating student
    • ensure club meets liability rules
  • enforce school and district rules
    • volunteer clearance for leads
    • set expectation with lead on proper classroom etiquette and student management
    • set expectation with new leads on lead time for each step of the process (proposal approval, volunteer clearance, facilities use form approval, reimbursements)
  • finding rooms for clubs
    • work with club lead on preferred dates and times (might want to get a few due to space restrictions)
    • work with Monica Brilliantes to find room availability
    • work with club lead to get facilities use form filled out when a room is found
    • get the facilities use forms to Monica
    • check in with Monica to determine if the forms are approved (give it at least a week, might need to be two)
  • help club leads with communications
    • set up new clubs on Konstella as a committee (I've given you the ability to set up committees)
    • have leads use Konstella as their main source of communications and documentation. We would like future club leads have documentation to get started if possible.
    • let the leads know to sign up only parents to the club committees as the students can only be in one location, so if you put them in the club they will be removed from their classrooms. :(
    • if communication is going out to the entire school, make sure it is only 'save' or 'publish' and NOT 'publish and notify' or 'send.'
    • if communication is going out to just the parents of the club, then it can be sent out
  • keep documentation
    • keep all documentation on Enrichment GDrive, so PTA Board and Principal can have access to it at any time
    • have ownership of all documentation related to Enrichment to ensure accuracy as things change
  • monitoring clubs ongoing

Let's help make Enrichment Activities a success so we can continue to give our children these opportunities. 

Positions (2/3 filled)

Committee Co-Chair Signed Up: 1 / 1

PTA Board Liaison Signed Up: 1 / 1

Committee Co-Chair Signed Up: 0 / 1

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