PTA Nominating Committee 2019-20

ONLY members of the nominating committee should be here as there will be confidential discussions.  Please do not add yourself if you're not already listed.

Thank you!


Nominating committee members:  Thank you so much for your dedication to help our school find the next slate of volunteer leaders who will be making decisions with regard to what happens at our beloved school.  Being on the committee does not preclude you from being nominated, so please consider that possibility. 

Feel free to reach out to any current Board members for additional information as there is a lot of things that we do that are not part of the normal job description.  :)  Although there are some required slots to fill, I would recommend speaking to existing members to see if they're interested in switching positions.

Best of luck and thank you!


Positions (2/3 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 0 / 1

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Committee Member Signed Up: 4 / 4

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