Newpaper Club - In Need of Leads

This is a club that provides an opportunity for students to develop real world skills and knowledge in speaking, listening and writing.

Students will enrich and refine their skills learned in class by using them in a reporter, journalistic and editorial manner.

Discover life by investigation, interview, research.

Develop necessary skills and knowledge in Journalism and Life.

A student run newspaper is a glimpse inside the collective school mind

Real world experience

4th and 5th graders only

 Please bring an after school snack 

 Please sign waiver for each student

Please bring a composition book

Must be committed through the year 


The Club meets Thursdays 3:15pm-4:15pm in Room 17


If all spots are filled and you'd like to sign up your child for the waitlist, please do so here.

Positions (3/4 filled)

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