The SchoolForce Reading Power Read-A-Thon is a fun two-week event that encourages the love of reading and raises money for our schools. Students log the amount of time they read and collect pledges from friends and extended family to raise money for SchoolForce, the Belmont-Redwood Shores Public Schools Foundation. Money raised during Reading Power benefits EVERY student in our school district by supporting librarians, reading specialists, and many other programs.  Commitment can be found in the attached document.


This event occurs in mid- to end-January.


This Committee Chair is to be guided by their liaison on the PTA Executive Board, who will assist in their planning and budget keeping as needed. This Board member is their main point of contact in connecting with the Board to assess supplies and budget needs, obtain approval for final planning, and acquire general association permissions as needed.


The Board liaison for this committee is: School Force Chair

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Committee Signed Up: 4 / 5

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