Safe Routes to School

The Safe Routes to School program is district wide program to change community behavior, attitudes, and social norms to make it safer for children in grades K-8 to walk and bike to school.   It also involves safety at school.  This committee chair will work closely with the Principal to determine programs to support and implement that can educate our students and our community about transportation safety in and around the school. 


This Chair Person oversees the following current Safe Routes to School Programs:

  • Bike Rodeo and Picnic - a night that is meant to be informative and educational to teach our community safe practices in bike riding. This night is sponsored by SRS and the Bike Coalition of Silicon Valley and is meant to educate and promote transportation safety to our families.
  • Walk -n- Role Wednesdays - this program has traditionally been once per month but can be increased as desired. One Wednesday per month is chosen to emphasize students and families walking and biking to school to decrease car traffic in and around our school at morning drop off. There is a prize given to a grade after each monthly WNR Weds - The Golden Sneaker.

This Chair Person also attends 3 district meetings per year, which generally translates to 1 per quarter.  


Other commitments will vary depending on any other programs as needed and determined by the Safe Routes to School Chair and the Principal.  


This Committee Chair is to be guided by their liaison on the PTA Executive Board, who will assist in their planning and budget keeping as needed. This Board member is their main point of contact in connecting with the Board to assess supplies and budget needs, obtain approval for final planning, and acquire general association permissions as needed.


The Board liaison for this position is: Auditor


Positions (3/4 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 1 / 1

Walk-n-Roll Wednesday Chair Signed Up: 2 / 2

This Chair person will utilize all the Safe Routes to School "prizes" that the committee chair will acquire at their district meetings. Prizes are given out each time there is a Walk-n-Roll Wednesday, which is usually once per month. This person will put up a sign to advertise on the week of the event, then be at school at 8am on the day of the event to coordinate the tally system for walkers and riders. Once the tally is totaled, this person will ensure that The Golden Sneakers are given out the following day at morning announcements to the classrooms in the winning grade.

Bike Night Rodeo and Picnic Signed Up: 0 / 1

This person is responsible for coordinating with the SRS Committee Chair to ensure that our District partners are involved in coordinating and planning the Bike Night Rodeo. This night is meant to be informative and educational to teach our community safe practices in bike riding and also brings our families together early on in the year for community building. Bike Night takes place annually at the beginning of the school year
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Board Liaison for Safe Routes to School Signed Up: 1 / 1