Valet at Drop Off (5th Graders)

Valet service is offered every school morning at our Drop Off Only curb. 5th Grade students volunteer for weekly shifts and stand along the curb to help students out of their cars. Shifts are 8:10am to 8:30am every school morning, and 6 students per morning are needed.

  • Students should arrive by 8:05am and go to the office to get their orange safety vest from the storage drawer under the Student Pick Up sign.
  • The first student to arrive at the curb should place ALL the orange cones down the lane.
  • The first student to arrive also has the option to get vests for all volunteers that day if they want to be helpful. Vests can be kept at the curb so volunteers can help at the curb as soon as arriving at school.
  • The order in which students stand can be determined by the supervising parent: it can be the same every week or it can rotate.
  • At approximately 8:30am when the parent supervisor is ready to stop operating valet service, the students should bring all the cones back to the building (stacked) and all vests can be collected and returned by the parent supervisor.

If needed, there are signs with the vests that can be used in the cones that state "Please move forward as far as possible". These signs can be brought out to the area by any volunteer and should be returned daily with the vests.

Rain coats should be available in the vest storage drawer for rainy days.


Positions (1/3 filled)

Valet Chair Signed Up: 2 / 2

This person should create a sign up for 6 spots every Mon-Fri. It's been suggested to make a sign up for August thru December (holiday break), then another one for January thru April (spring break) and a last one April thru June. If you break up the sign ups you will allow other kids to participate throughout the year that might not have wanted to in the beginning, and allow some kids that no longer want to participate to withdraw without detriment to the group (they can start to drop off toward the end of the year as they no longer want to do their shift). Kids that want to stay on can continue to do so, others can join as they like.

Parents of Valet Volunteers Signed Up: 22 / 35

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Info Only Signed Up: 0 / 1

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