Volunteer Appreciation

The annual Volunteer Appreciation breakfast takes place at the end of every school year as a way to say thank you to all the parents that volunteer throughout the year in the classrooms and on campus. This chair person will work alongside a staff member to coordinate the date, decorations, and awards. 


Teachers will coordinate their own efforts in sending out a flyer to all parents, making certificates of appreciation for their classroom parent volunteers, and bringing a potluck breakfast that is set up in the Multi Purpose Room on the given morning. They will also set up the decorations in the room, which can be coordinated by this chair person if needed.


This chair person will work with their PTA Board Liaison to find out which awards to order (certificates) from the PTA website, and prepare small tokens of appreciation to be handed out at the event. Reimbursement is provided as this event does have a small budget.


This chair person usually is the member of the Executive Board that is responsible for Parent-Teacher connections, traditionally the Board Historian.  If the chair person is not on the Board, they need to utilize the Historian as their Liaison and get all purchases and plans approved before enacted.

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