Exciting news from Amazon!
Fri, Feb 10 3:05pm

We have exciting news!  Reedy Creek PTA has been approved for the Amazon Associates program. This means we can receive 4%-10% back from all Amazon purchases we make!!  

IMPORTANT - anytime you want to purchase from Amazon, first go to www.rcespta.com then click on the Amazon link.  As long as you (or anyone you pass this info to) purchases items during that session, our school will get money back!  So easy!


We could make over $1000 each year doing this, so please help us by bookmarking www.rcespta.com and purchasing through the link.  


One side note - if you do this through your phone or tablet and also have the Amazon app, it won't give us money.  It has to open an Amazon browser session and by having the app it will by default open the app.  So either remove the app or shop on Amazon on your desktop.  


Thank you!!