International Night Signup
Tue, Jan 31
Reedy Creek Elementary
1 day before, 5 days before, 12 days before

You’re invited to
Reedy Creek Elementary School’s

4th Annual
International Night

Bring your family to celebrate and explore the diverse  cultures that make up our great school!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
5-7 PM

How will you participate? 

  • Create a display board showcasing your family’s culture and history. (A few blank display boards are available in the PTA office. Let us know if you need one!)
  • Bring a dish that highlights the tastes of your family’s heritage.
  • Prepare a short presentation for your child to present explaining what makes your culture great.


Bring a dish (food) Signed Up: 9 / 0

Bring a dish (drink) Signed Up: 2 / 0

Create a display board Signed Up: 2 / 0

Prepare a short presentation Signed Up: 0 / 0