ThinkPads and Tablets are coming to the classrooms!
Thu, Oct 20 11:00am
The Wake County Public School system has begun the roll out of over 52,000 ThinkPads and tablets. Once complete, all core classrooms in the district will have at least 1 device for every 3 students! This is a major step forward for our elementary school, but there are still ways we can help RCES reach its full potential.
Studies have shown that students learn better when working in groups by problem solving as a team versus simply memorizing and repeating. As our school works to incorporate STEM into its everyday curriculum, the ability for our kids to practice this on ThinkPads and tablets in small groups is a tremendous opportunity. Currently, our school’s classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards, and while they are superior to the chalk boards many of us grew up with, they are not set up to work cohesively with this new technology. While our students will be able to collaborate in groups, there is no practical way for them to share their work with the entire class.
Our goal this year is to install 70in smart TVs in each classroom. This will not only allow the teachers to display what is on their device, but also what is on any of the ThinkPads and tablets being used by the students. This means that the groups can view each other’s work in real time, enabling them to share problem solving ideas and seamlessly work both as a class and as a small group.
Please consider making a one-time donation or a monthly pledge towards the funding of this project. I encourage you to share this with family and friends who are also involved in your student’s life. I sincerely believe that together we can reach this goal by the end of the 2016-2017 school year.