Welcome to our Konstella page!
Tue, Aug 23 2:35pm

We are excited to kick off a new year at Reedy Creek Elementary!  Thank you for registering for Konstella, which is a wonderful tool for communicating with parents.  After the 26th (or after Sept. 2 for kindergarten parents), be sure to assign your children in Konstella to their assigned classroom so that you can be notified of classroom specific things.  In the meantime, feel free to click around.  


The calendar is updated (and each week Konstella will email you a list of everything coming up that week!).  As the year goes on and more people are using this tool, we'll add more committees and sign-ups.  You can only view classroom-specific items or committee-specific items (messages, files, sign-ups, etc) if you are part of those particular classrooms or committees, so Konstella makes communicating with certain groups very easy!  You can also send individual or small group private messages.  


So the great thing about Konstella is that anything you see is specific to you!  General school-wide announcements, sign-ups, etc can be created as well.  There are currently a couple of sign-ups already that are open to ANYONE.  So sign up if you can!