Nominating Committee

The nominating committee shall be comprised of an odd number and no fewer than three members; at least two of the committee members shall be board members and at least one committee member shall be a member of the local PTA who does not serve on the board.


Neither the president nor the principal shall be a member of the nominating committee.


Throughout the year, the nominating committee is tasked with identifying talented, motivated, and responsible individuals to serve as officers of the Reedy Creek Elementary School PTA.


Prior to the last general membership meeting each fiscal year, the nominating committee shall prepare a slate of nominees for officers of the Reedy Creek Elementary School PTA for the coming year, and the president shall include that slate in the notice for the last general membership meeting, and the chair of the nominating committee shall place such names in nomination at that meeting, and the election shall be conducted as provided in section 6.2 of these bylaws.

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