Art to Remember is coming very soon!
Wed, Nov 9 4:58pm
Ridgeview Elementary

Art to Remember is back! And in time to purchase gifts for the holidays. For those new to RV, Art to Remember is a creative fundraiser that allows you to purchase keepsake items customized with your child’s art. Each child had a page of artwork sent in. This Friday November 11th, every child will come home with an order form with the picture of their art on it and a list of over 40 items available to order. Items like magnets, travel mug, mouse pad and many more. Proceeds go to RV PTA! Order forms are due back by Friday November 18th.

Online ordering by credit card can be done using the order code on the form. Out of town relatives can order when you give them the code. However, all online orders will be shipped free ONLY to the school. Delivery will be just before winter break.  Full instructions will be on the forms. Any questions PLEASE direct them to Mona Packer via email, text or phone. Please do not call the office. If your child loses or does not give you the order form you can get his/her code from Mona and order online at


To contact Mona or 816-786-7755 or here on Konstella.