Bake Sales
Bake Sales              
  Chair Responsibilities:          
  *Recruit bakers to provide home baked goods to sell    
  *Price goods            
  *Set up baked goods display          
  *Promote bake sale through posters, back pack flyers & social media
  *Coordinate volunteers to staff the bake sale table    
  *Tear down display; discard of unsold goods      
  Volunteer Responsibilities: can sign up for one or more of the following
  *Bake items to sell            
  Volunteer time commitment: 1-3 hours; can be done at your convenience
  Set-up Volunteers:            
  *Help w/ display & pricing          
  Volunteer time commitment: 1-2 hours       
    Open House Bake Sale: afternoon of the sale    
    Election Bake Sale: evening before the day of the sale (if applicable)  
    Holiday Bake Sale: afternoon before the day of the bake sale
  Sale Volunteers:            
  *Staff bake sale table          
  *Help w/ tear down after completion of bake sale    
  Volunteer time commitment: 1/2-1 hour shifts      
    Open House Bake Sale: evening of Open House  
    Election Bake Sale: shifts available from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm (if applicable)
    Holiday Bake Sale: day of Holiday programs    
    Open House Bake Sale: September       
    Election Bake Sale: November (if applicable)    
    Holiday Bake Sale: December Holiday Program    


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