Family Dance
Family Dance                  
  Chair Responsibilities:              
  *Coordinate date w/ principal & Community Center        
  *Create theme                
  *Coordinate food, DJ, shoe check-in & trinkets for sale        
  *Promote event through posters, back-pack flyers & social media      
  *Coordinate volunteers to staff check-in, food, shoe check-in &       
       trinket sales                
  *Collect ticket/food pre-orders            
  Volunteer Responsibilities:              
  *Staff area assigned              
  Volunteer time commitment: approx 1-2 hours (evening)        
  Date: January or Winter              

Positions (2/4 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 1 / 1

Co-Chair Signed Up: 1 / 1

Committee Member Signed Up: 0 / 2

Assist committee chairs with planning the event and recruiting volunteers.
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Volunteers Signed Up: 7 / 10

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