Chair Responsibilities:          
  *Investigate & present fundraising options to PTA members at February/
       March meeting            
  *Promote fundraiser through student assembly & back pack flyers  
  *Coordinate prizes/incentives for top sellers w/ fundraising company  
  *Negotiate sales percentages w/ fundraising company    
  *Collect all fundraising items          
  *Coordinate volunteers to count money       
  *Send in completed fundraising packets      
  *Set up delivery time & pick up of fundraising goods if applicable  
  Volunteer Responsibilities:          
  *Help distribute water during fun run if applicable      
  *Help mark kids' shirts as they complete laps if applicable    
  *Help count pledges if applicable        
  *Help sort and distribute fundraising goods if applicable    
  *Count money            
  Volunteer time commitment: 1-3 hours day of event;    
       2-4 hours counting money        
  Date: Fall; Spring (if applicable)        


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