Teachers & Staff Healthy Snacks
Teachers & Staff Healthy Snacks          
  Chair Responsibilities:          
  *Create schedule of volunteers to provide snacks to teachers/staff on a 
       weekly basis            
  *Send reminder to volunteer at least a week prior to their scheduled week
  *Solicit feedback from teachers/staff & provide ideas for appreciated snack
       items to volunteers          
  Volunteer Responsibilities:          
  *Provide snacks to teachers/staff        
       (can sponsor individually or partner w/ another person/family)  
  *Arrange delivery of snacks Monday morning before school  
  Volunteer time commitment: approx 1 hour; shopping & delivery (can be
       done at your convenience, but items must be delivered before school on
  Date: August-May, weekly (you select Monday that week or weeks to volunteer)          


Positions (2/3 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 1 / 1

Co-Chair Signed Up: 1 / 1

Volunteers Signed Up: 11 / 30

See calendar to select week(s) you would like to donate snacks.
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