Read A Thon Coming Soon!
Sun, Jan 29 8:13am

Hi Parents! Coming up in February we will have a Read a Thon.  It will last approximately 2 weeks. Our Goal will be to raise money so that teachers can buy books for their classrooms that are needed. (Though this is a PTA Fundraiser, the money will go directly to classroom teachers, not to our general fund to help pay for field trips). We would not turn away donations from parents but we are going to try and raise most of the money from the Community outside of the school. So PLEASE share this link to your networks:

We are also looking for companies that might want to sponsor either a child or a classroom or just give a donation to buy books. The Razoo link has some detailed amounts of how much these items cost. If you work for a company that might be interested in helping us out please share this with them. Look for more information on this in Friday Folders and in the next few weeks.