REQUIRED Flu shot Form and Covid Booster
Thu, Dec 15 2:42pm

Hello SCPNS Parents,

Hope everyone is ready to go into the winter break. As the year is coming to an end, we are hoping to have everyone catch up with all the needed flu shot forms and up to date with covid vaccine/boosters that are required before returning in the new year.

Flu shot: A hard copy of the flu shot form was added to the sign-in binder. Hoping to make this quick and easy for everyone to fill out. There will be options to notify us whether you already got the flu shot, plan to get it or opt out. If you wish to do this privately or missed out on signing the form, you can also access the form on Jovial. Please have this filled out by 12/31/22.

Covid Booster: SCPNS requires working parents/caregivers to be up to date with covid vaccines. Everyone is eligible now for the 2nd Booster. If you haven’t already, please schedule an appointment to have this done and submit proof of vaccination via Jovial before school resumes 1/4/23.

Please reach out to Jenny @ or Suzie @ if you have any questions.