Returning to school, COVID testing and general health reminders
Sun, Nov 27 2:32pm

Hello Dear SCPNS families,

We hope that you had a wonderful week off with time spent enjoying friends and family and doing what fosters feelings of joy, health and well being!

As we all come back together at school please be aware of the following recommendations as per the California Department of Public Health as well as our own school policies to help keep our community healthy and school open.

  • Covid testing: All children and working parents should take a rapid antigen test at home or at a testing site before returning to school this week. Please see the attached COVID testing tree guidelines that we follow at school in addition to testing after breaks.
  • Masking: At SCPNS face masks are optional outside but required inside. This will greatly help to stop the spread of illness indoors and we head into winter and cold and flu season. Please note that we have been working with children that are resistant to wearing them inside in a positive and supportive way. Please practice wearing masks with your children especially if they have lingering coughs. 
  • RSV, Colds and Flu: As per our school health policy please follow the below guidelines (also in our handbook)
    • Colds and cough: A child is contagious for at least 3 days after the onset of a cold. The child may return to school after 3 days or after the temperature has been normal (100.1 or below) for 24 hours, without any fever reducing medication, whichever is longer.
      • If your child has a very runny nose and/or frequent cough please keep them home to help them recover faster and stop the spread of illness. 
    • Miscellaneous illnesses: A child may not return until at least 24 hours after their temperature is normal, without fever-reducing medications.
      • A child must not come to school with a sore throat.
      • A child must not come to school until physically able to participate in all normal activities.
  • General health guidelines:
    • Children normally can have 8-12 cold and viruses per year! While hard on both the child and caregivers this can help build their immune. This can include respiratory, and digestive illnesses as well as rashes. Here are some things to  remember to help minimize the severity of illnesses while still helping build their immune system.
    • Hand washing: Help your child learn to wash hands properly with a good amount of soap and scrubbing for 30 seconds, rinsing and drying. Singing is a great way to make this fun!
    • Cover coughs and sneezes: Teach your child to cover their coughs and sneezes in their elbow. Often referred to as bat or bird wings at school or even a super hero cape! 
    • Sleep: Help your child (and yourself) to get enough sleep. For young children this is 10 -13 hours of sleep a day including naps.
    • Nutrition and hydration: A wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as water helps to keep our bodies healthy overall! 
    • Immunizations: Stay up to date on child immunizations as well as flu and Covid vaccines as per your pediatricians recommendations.

We look forward to enjoying and exploring the many wonders this winter season can bring together at school. 

With gratitude and health!

Teacher Sara and SCPNS Board of Directors