"Your Future Is Key: So Stay Drug Free" Red Ribbon Week 2017 Daily Themes
Sun, Oct 22 9:13am
Sego Lily Elementary

"Your Future Is Key: So Stay Drug Free" 

Take some time this coming week to read through and talk with your students about the information in the family discussion packet about we will be sending home this coming week.  

This year's daily themes to help students get excited about participating in Red Ribbon week are:

Tuesday, Oct 24 - I'm Red Hot and Drug Free - Wear Red

Wednesday, Oct 25 - Put a Lid on Drugs - Wear a Hat

Thursday, Oct 26 - Let's Sock it to Drugs - Wear Crazy Socks

Friday, Oct 27 - Doing Drugs is a Hair- Brained Idea - Crazy Hair Day

Saturday, Oct 28 - Your Future is Key: So Stay Drug Free Family Fun 5K 9 am