Fall Festival Tonight 5p-8p
Fri, Nov 18 9:46am

Fall Festival is tonight, 5-8p.

Bring your family and enjoy a fun-filled evening supporting our teacher's classrooms. 

School Requests:

1. Bring own lawn chairs for extra seating. 

2. Parent/Guardian responsible for providing adequate supervision for their children to ensure safety and courtesy. 

3. Parking - please be safe and considerate of the after-hours darkness. You may consider bring flashlight for walk back to vehicle. Parking available at Shoppette. 

4. Injuries or emergencies- please go to the Office for assistance. 

5. Tickets available at 2 areas (Outside Office & by Basketball Court). Express tickets at Office ticket table. 

6. Clean-up assistant much appreciated, starting at 8p. 


Mahalo for supporting our school.