Fall Festival
Fri, Nov 18 5:00pm-8:00pm
Shafter Elementary
1 day before


1. Bring own Lawn Chairs (limited seating available).

2.  Parents are responsible for providing adequate supervision of their children.  (Teachers and Staff are working booths).

3.  Recommend bringing flashlight or other lighting for walking back to car after dark (minimal lighting available).

4. If injury or other emergency occurs, please go to the Office for help.  School Staff will be in contact via walkie-talkies and can quickly provide assistance as necessary.

5.  Help requested  (8:00p - 8:45p) to clean-up and take down tents, tables, chairs.

6. Parking - Shoppette for overflow parking available.


-An evening outside of fun games, prizes, tasty foods and togetherness. 

-Fall Festival is sponsored by our Shafter Elementary teachers. All ticket sales directly support their classrooms and your children's enrichment.

 -You are welcome to invite neighbors/friends in your community who also might enjoy participating. 

-You may purchase tickets at the event ($ 0.50/ticket).