Jump Rope For Heart
Fri, Feb 17
Shafter Elementary
4 days before

Jump Rope for Heart (JRFH) – Fri, Feb 17th – POC:  Mrs. Vannatta & Mrs. Sonoda


Parent Volunteers – signed up via America Heart JRFH form. 

Please arrive 20 min prior to shift time to allow for smooth transitions in preparation for activities.  You are more than welcome to stay for entire day and cheer the kids on.


  1. Session 1 (Pre-K, K, 1st grades) Start - 8:20am to 9:30am

Set-up Tent & Equipment               Snacks                       Water             Rope events                        


  1. Session 2 (2nd- 3rd grades) Start - 10:00am to 11:00am

Snacks           Water             Rope events                         Clean-Up area


  1. Session 3 (4th, 5th, 6th grades) Start - 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Snacks           Water             Rope events                         Clean-Up Tents & Equipment


  1. Emily Crawford K & 2nd
  2. Ashley Fennell K
  3. Austin Brouillette K
  4. April Woodworth K
  5. Jessica Spera K
  6. Christopher Miller K
  7. Inese Barrett K & 1st
  8. Lori Watkins 1st
  9. Aimee Sanchez 1st
  10. Darla Rexford 1st
  11. William Reding 1st
  12. Kurn George 1st
  13. Shawnuka Byrel 1st
  14. Kathryn McCrillis 1st
  15. Brian Naramore 2nd
  16. Lindsay Steinbrunner 2nd
  17. Andrea Burgoyne 2nd & 5th
  18. Clayton Wyllie 5th
  19. Brenda Jones 5th
  20. Katy Stewart 5th
  21. Sheryl Barnes 6th
  22. Sarah Thompson 4th