Talent Show Try Outs For Grades K-2
Tue, Mar 19 3:45pm-5:00pm
Sonnesyn Elementary School

It is that time of year again to start thinking about the Talent Show. This year it will be held on Friday, April 5, 2019

There will be 2 performances this year: Grades K,2 and 3 will perform from 1:45-2:30 pm, Grades 1,4 and 5 will perform from 2:45-3:25 pm.

In order to make the show the best it can be, we will be hosting tryouts this year and selecting the most creative and well-put together talents. Tryouts for Grades K-2 will take place on Tuesday, March 19  3:45-5pm and tryouts for Grades 3-5 will take place on Wednesday, March 20 at 3:45-5pm.  Tryouts will be held immediately after school in the South Gymnasium. Students will be given a number and waiting until it is their turn to perform. If you cannot make your date, please contact Ms. Zackery in Room 27. Transportation is not provided for this event and you will need to pick up your child(ren).

This event is always a fun time for all and we enjoy seeing all the wonderful talents at Sonnesyn each year. In order to better your chances of participating in the event we encourage kids to work in groups. Performers are limited to participate in 2 performances.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Student Council Adviser and Equity Specialist, Kiarra Zackery via email at kiarra_zackery@rdale.org or via phone at 763-504-7668.

Special Things to Consider:


  • You may not try-out unless you have turned in a signed permission slip.
  • Your music choice may have NO SWEAR WORDS.
  • Your outfit needs to be appropriate and worn to try-outs.