The 1st Annual Black History Month Kick-off in honor of Family Involvement Day!
Mon, Feb 11 8:00am-7:00pm
Sonnesyn Elementary School
1 day before, 7 days before

The 1st Annual Black History Month Kick off in honor of Family Involvement Day!!!!!


February 11, 2019! 8am-7pm


The 1st annual Black History  Month Kick-off  in honor of Family Involvement Day is a day for all families to come to their child’s school, see what their day is like and to support their child’s educational future, all while celebrating Black History Month.  All parents (African descent and non-African) are welcome to come and enjoy a day of Black history and culture. Learn as all students take in cultural differences about their classmates, from their traditions, foods and more! We encourage all children and families of African Heritage to come out wearing your traditional clothes, be speakers in a classroom and share your culture with non-African families in attendance  within the Sonnesyn Elementary Community. 

  • The day will start with a Pan African Breakfast
  • Celebrate the start of Black history month with food, music, along with cultural education and conversation.