PTSO- Parent Teacher Student Organization Executive Board members

The Sonnesyn Parent, Teacher & Student Organization (PTSO) is committed to supporting the Sonnesyn community by providing volunteers for classroom needs, organizing a variety of academic and community-building events and fundraisers, and facilitating communication between parents and staff while involving the community at-large. 

We work to help every child have a great experience at Sonnesyn!


Meetings are held once per month, 6:30 – 7:30 PM, in the Sonnesyn Media Center.  At meetings, we plan PTSO events & fundraisers and hear from Principal Ward and guest speakers from the school or district.  Meetings are a great way to meet other parents and get connected to what’s happening at Sonnesyn.  Free childcare for school age children is available at all meetings!

Meetings not really your thing?  No problem!  You can also get involved by joining the PTSO e-mail list.  We send out e-mails to inform families about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  You can check these things on the Konstella calendar as well as the Sonnesyn website under the PTSO Calendar link.

Positions (2/6 filled)

President/President Elect Signed Up: 1 / 2

1. Attend PTSO meetings. 2. Collaborate with Volunteer Coordinator for calendar planning for next school year (May). 3. Meet with Treasurer for budget review and planning for next school year (June/July). 4. Send Welcome letter to chairpersons inviting them to attend meetings prior to their event. Follow up with chairpersons as planning agendas takes place (August/September) 5. Welcome and greet at events throughout the school year as the current leader of the organization. Events to consider: Workshop Week Staff Meeting, Back to School / Open House Night, Kindergarten Parent Days, Volunteer Orientation, Kindergarten Registration, Volunteer Appreciation Tea. 6. Contact and arrange for guest speakers at PTSO meetings if appropriate. 7. Establish and distribute agenda (to board members and anticipated attendees) one week prior to each meeting. 8. Preside over meeting, determining what items to be tabled or scheduled for future agendas, recommend task forces, work groups, etc. 9. Complete Classroom / Teacher Gift Allowance letters and provide to Staff Rep for distribution after budget approved (October). 10. Review and update PTSO letter for Kindergarten Registration (Jan). 11. Arrange additional board Member meeting as needed in to review bylaws and leadership needs (March). 12. Update and distribute Nomination Form and Chairperson Recruitment form (March). 13. Collaborate with President Elect on new ideas for the next school year. 14. Coordinate the work of the officers in order that the objectives of the PTSO may be supported and promoted. 15. Support the objectives of the organization and uphold its policies and principles. 16. Coordinate and recruit committee chairpersons for all vacant standing committees of the board in collaboration with all board members. 17. Collaborate with and support Volunteer coordinator in communications re: events and chairpersons. 18. Assist Volunteer Coordinator or Chairperson in need of assistance at their request. President Elect- Voting Member, term begins at the May meeting and transitions to President the following May meeting. 1. Attend PTSO meetings 2. Assist the President as able or requested. 3. Perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve. 4. Perform other responsibilities as agreed to by the Executive Board. 5. Coordinate the general activities of any Special Committees created by the Executive Board. This may be task forces, work groups, etc. that may be created for new / short-term needs. 6. Assist in recruiting for chair persons and board positions for the current and following year. 7. Field / review fundraising solicitations, collaborating with appropriate chairpersons as needed and responding appropriately to the vendors in a timely manner. 8. Field new / incoming ideas from parent community, chair persons, staff and board members. Research and present at meetings as appropriate. 9. Welcome and greet at appropriate events during the 2nd-half of the year in preparation of being visible and approachable the following year. (See above). 10. Assist Volunteer Coordinator or Chairperson in need of assistance at their request. 11. Contact all Chairpersons to thank them, confirm return and request summary of their event. (April through end of year) Other Tasks (assignment tbd): 1.Write and submit “PTSOBuzz” to school Secretary by the 15th of each month for inclusion in the school newspaper. 2. Promote PTSO Meetings, News and Needs through Wednesday envelopes/folders, Konstella.
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Secretary Signed Up: 1 / 1

1. Attend PTSO meetings. If unable to attend a meeting, find a replacement Secretary. (The replacement can be another board member.) 2. Provideattendancesheetatmeetingsforattendeestosign-in. 3. Record attendance, proceedings and motions. Type meeting minutes and send copy via e-mail to all board members for changes or corrections. 4. Completeandcirculateminutesatleastoneweekpriortonextmeeting. 5. Postapprovedmeetingminutestotheschool’sPTSOwebpage. 6. AsrequestedbyeventchairsorthePTSOpresident,addinformationabout PTSO events to the PTSO webpage. 7. NotifyBeckyGumz(CurriculumEA)ofmotionsforapprovaloffunds. 8. MeetwiththeBoardforreviewandplanningfornextschoolyear(June/July). 9. Helptoplanandparticipate,alongwithalltheboardmembers,inStaff Appreciation Week (first week of May). 10.Coordinate Showcase/Photocase use by event chairs and showcase chair throughout school year.

Treasurer Signed Up: 0 / 1

1. Attend Monthly PTSO meetings. 2. Collaborate with Volunteer Coordinator for calendar planning for next school year (May). 3. Meet with Board for budget review and planning for next school year (June/July). 4. Send Welcome letter to Licensed staff informing them of funds available for the upcoming school year (August/September) 5. Provide Financial Statement to PTSO meetings and members one week prior to each meeting. 6. Keep accurate recordkeeping 7. File necessary forms required for Non Profit organization to required agencies 8. Reconcile checkbook/Write checks as needed 9. Make deposits in a timely fashion 10. Provide input at meetings regarding financial status
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Treasurer-Elect Signed Up: 0 / 1

This position is similar to Treasurer while learning the position of Treasurer.
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Volunteer Coordinator/ Classroom Support Coordinator Signed Up: 1 / 1

1. Attend Monthly PTSO meetings. 2. Collaborate with President/Secretary for calendar planning for next school year (May). 3. Meet with Board for review and planning for next school year (June/July). 4. Connect with Classroom Support Person to assist with support as needed, provide information on annual school events/activities 5. Distribute Welcome letter to families informing them of PTSO sponsored events and volunteer opportunities for the upcoming school year. Once parents respond the VC will compile lists in google docs of who wants to volunteer for what events. (Sept/Oct) 6. Collaborate with other PTSO board members, teachers and administrators to assess and identify how parents/guardians and community members can get more involved at PTSO sponsored events as volunteers 7. Oversees volunteer recruitment, training and assignments 8. Promote PTSO goals, membership and activities as a PTSO committee chairman or officer 9. Works closely with all chair people to recruit volunteers for PTSO sponsored events. When needed, the VC will also set up internet based volunteer sign ups on Konstella. 10. Distribute Welcome letter to families informing them of in-classroom volunteer opportunities for upcoming school year. Once welcome letters are completed and returned to school, the CSP will coordinate with parents/teachers to fill lead parent rolls for each classroom (August/September/October) 11. Support Teachers/Lead Classroom Volunteers. 12. Responsible for leading the Fall Party and Friendship Party planning meetings. 13. Works with the PTSO president, principal and teachers to coordinate volunteer assignments in the classroom to support student success. 14. Provide input to Board on ideas to increase family participation.

President Elect(s) Signed Up: 1 / 2

This is the interim phase of Co chair/co President of Sonnesyn's PTSO.
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