22-23 South School STEAM Expo
Mon, Jan 9 8:40am


Get ready for the South S.T.E.A.M Expo on Wednesday, February 8th and Thursday, February 9th, 2023.

Students can apply using the Intent to Participate form which is due no later than January 16th. For more information please refer to this Information Packet.

The STEAM Expo will be an optional event for all K-5 students.  Students will be able to choose 1 category (of 5) to demonstrate their curiosity of STEAM learning.  Students will display their entry on campus on February 8th and 9th,  and have the opportunity to discuss their projects with classmates during the school day on February 9th, with the family evening event set on February 8th, from 5:30-6:30pm in the MPR.

Here are the 5 categories:

  • Reverse Engineering: Is your child curious about what makes something work?  Then this is the category for him/her!  Students will pick a mechanical device or electronic component to take apart, analyze its workings and share how it works.
  • Invention: Is your child an inventor?  Then this will be right up her/his alley!  An invention is a new device, process or an improvement on an existing machine or product that solves a real or perceived problem or need.  Students will describe and share their prototype, and explain how their invention addresses a problem/need in our world.
  • Scientific Inquiry:  Does your child have questions about the scientific process?  Here is her/his chance to test their hypothesis!  Students will ask a testable question, research the topic, make a hypothesis, design and conduct an investigation, collect data and draw a conclusion.
  • Robotics & Computer Science: Does your son/daughter like to experiment with making a robot or designing a computer program?  Here is their chance!  Students will design a robot or computer program to be used for one or more specific purpose.
  • Art Design: Does your child want to mix art with science?  Here is their opportunity to wow us in both areas.  Students will make a conceptual (sketch/illustration), physical, or computer model of a phenomenon or system that interests them.

Students interested in participating may do so individually or in groups of no more than 3 students (group participants may be from various grade levels). Projects are meant to be student lead and parent supported (not teacher directed). Students can apply using the Intent to Participate form and for more information please refer to this Information Packet. Intent forms are due no later than January 16th


For any questions please contact our STEAM Expo Co-Chairs: Yasamin Murtadha (yasamin.murtadha@gmail.com), Amy Fenton (asfenton@gmail.com), and Avery Cannon (averyrcannon@gmail.com).