Building Belonging Week - Daily Tip
Fri, Oct 28 5:50pm

Five Ds of Bystander Intervention (For Caregivers/Adults)


We all like to think we would be be brave and stand up for someone who was being harassed but, it can be tricky to know how to handle these situations.  Watch this short video that shares effective ways to stand up and intervene when you seen someone experiencing harassment.


By intervening, we reduce the trauma of harassment, while chipping away at the culture of harassment, and replace it with one of humanity.  Once you've watched the video, here are some things to consider:


*Have you heard of the five Ds of bystander interventions before?

*How much do you think your identity factors into how you experience daily interactions?

*How do you demonstrate to your children the importance of inclusion, empathy, acceptance, & belonging?