CARES Reminder - Weekly Testing Starts Tomorrow!
Tue, Feb 2 9:04am

Hello South Families,

Here is what you need to know about this week’s testing event.  Please read this carefully and in its entirety.


  • Tests will be passed out at each dismissal to each student as they leave the school's main gate.

  • Note: if you have a child at another HCSD campus, you need to get their test from that campus.

  • Walkers/bikers can pick up their tests from the South office.


  • This week we are using the Ambry saliva test.  Here are the instructions.

  • We will be distributing and collecting two paper forms (one a Consent form and one a HIPAA form) for each child.

  • Don’t forget to write the student’s name and Date of Birth on the vial label.  New: Complete this Google form for each test performed, making sure the Name and DOB exactly match what you wrote on the vial.  Tests with no order completed, or no Name/DOB on the vial, will not be run. 

  • When helping your child fill the tube with saliva, make sure the saliva is filled up to the line.  Bubbles do not count.  For some kiddos, it helps to have them think about their favorite mouth watering food/candy or something very savory, like Sour Patch Kids.


  • Tests and the two paper forms can be returned between 7.30am and 1.30pm at District Office in the bin labeled "South".  Please keep these items separate (ie. do not put the forms in the biobag).

  • Tests must be returned by 1.30pm on Thursdays in order to make the Fed Ex shipment to the laboratory.  

  • If you prefer to use an alternative test provider, you are welcome to do so (results should be emailed to with subject line “[Date] test result for [student name], [school name]”).  Please have your child return the unused test kit to their teacher on Thursday or drop it off at the South office.

Thank you for your participation in keeping our school and community safe!

Bessie Seybold