Distance Learning Materials Exchange Information
Thu, May 28 1:11am

Dear South Families,

We have worked diligently to create a “touchless” process that ensures a safe and concise procedure for your families and our staff to return and collect items to and from school. To most effectively facilitate this process we have tried to make it as smooth and straight forward as possible. Depending on your child(ren)’s class or grade level, there are a variety of items that may need to be returned to school including, but not limited to:


➤  Chromebooks & Chargers 

➤  Library books (in separate bag)

➤  Classroom books

➤  Classroom supplies

➤  Textbooks

➤  Book bags

➤  Retirement card for Mrs. Gross


When returning items please place them in a paper grocery sack with your child(ren)’s first and last names, grade, and teacher’s name. Use the attached form below to staple or tape to your child(ren)’s bag(s) with space for the necessary information.


In addition to returning items to school, we have been collecting much work for your child(ren) and would love to return it to them. We will exchange your child(ren)’s items for South School’s items at the same event. 


Exchange Procedure:


A Parent, or other adult, will drive to South School on Tuesday June 9, 2020 to exchange all items. As many families have multiple children in multiple grades, this process will be organized by last name, not grade level. To visit campus, please sign up below by Thursday June 4, for one of the 20-30 minute slots within an alphabetized window designated for your last name. 


T - Z :  9:00am - 9:40am

M - S:  9:45am - 11:00am

G - L:  11:00am - 12:00pm 

A - F:  12:00pm - 1:00pm


South Staff will utilize the dismissal line closest to the curb in the parking lot and have all other cars queue on El Cerrito. Please know all traffic will only be able to turn right into the parking lot from El Cerrito so all arrivals must be headed east (towards El Camino) when queueing. Although out of the way for some, we recommend you take Crystal Springs Road or Redwood Road to El Cerrito to facilitate a more orderly queue. We hope to serve 7 - 8 cars at a time and move everyone through in an expeditious manner. Please print the attachments linked below (Drop Off Procedures, Return Bag Label, Windshield ID)  to help keep this process as smooth and safe as possible. 


Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!

The South Staff