HCSD CARES - This week's testing event
Mon, Feb 8 7:11am

Great Job South!  


THANK YOU for doing your part to keep our campus safe and our school open.  We had a great testing turnout last week - - 151 test kits returned.  With an in-person enrollment of 180 kiddos that is 84% participation.  For point of reference we had 87% participation in the last round of testing after winter break.  Let's try and get to at least 90% in this week's testing event!


As a reminder, you will only be notified of your Ambry test result if it is positive or if quanitity is insuffcient.  These communications should occur by tonight...so no news is good news.  


What to Expect for This Week

This week’s test will be the Omecare nasal test.  There will be no paperwork as it is all online and hopefully the registration process will be smoother as some improvements have been made to their system. You will also receive results at the email you used for registration within 72 hours of when the sample was received at the lab.

Please follow these Omecare test instructions.

Our test pick-up and return days will remain the same:

Wednesday 2/10: Test kit distribution at each dismissal to each student as they leave the school's main gate

Thursday 2/11: Test return to DO between 7.30am-1.30pm 

Bikers can pick up their tests earlier in the day on Wednesday from the office when they check in to verify their Green Badge in the morning.


Note: If your child did not use the Ambry test kit given to them last week please have your child return it to their teacher as soon as possible or you can drop it off at the South office.


Thank you South families!  Now more than ever it's critical we keep testing to keep our school and community safe.

Questions?  Contact Bessie Seybold (415) 279-0969