HCSD CARES: Offline vial registration form
Wed, Feb 17 5:20pm

Hi parents,


Thanks for swabbing your kiddos noses once again today or tomorrow morning!  Last week's testing event caught 2 positive cases in HCSD - so this weekly testing is SO worthwhile and will help keep our kiddos in in-person learning and our South staff safe.


I know some families have had issues registering their Omecare vials the past two weeks so if you have followed the instructions and are still unable to register your child's vial please print out the attached form, fill it out and include it INSIDE your biobag with your tube.


Once again here are the Omecare test instructions for your reference.  Thank you for dropping your tests off by 1.30pm tomorrow at DO.




Bessie Seybold

(415) 279-0969