Hey parents! Fill out the survey about COVID-19 testing!
Tue, Sep 29 9:26am
The school district needs you to fill out this survey about COVID-19 testing as we prepare to return to school! Please fill it out whether your student(s) are in Virtual Classrooms or non-Virtual.
It's really important. 
They are encouraging as many community members as possible to get tested — students and other household family members.

There will be a way to get tested via the district! (Hillsborough Schools Foundation will be raising money to cover costs for students; other household members would have to pay via insurance, with a modest additional fee, or out of pocket. For full details, see the survey.)
Details about the logistics of testing are still being solidified. Filling out this survey will help that process! 
The deadline to fill it out is tomorrow evening, WEDNESDAY, Sept. 30. 
Here's a direct link to the survey, which Superintendent Carlomagno also sent out in the Friday newsletter:
There are several pages, not just one.

Thanks everyone!