Make Note - Coming Up at South School :)
Thu, Feb 16 8:03pm
Virtual BINGO Night is quickly approaching, yippee! Please see below for all the details for a fun night ahead next week. Wishing you lots of luck!
  • Thursday, February 23rd
  • 6:30 - 7:30pm
  • Login a few minutes prior: (Zoom link to follow next week)
  • Each child should use their own devices
  • Please stay on mute unless you get a BINGO
  • BINGO card link and instructions will be provided on Zoom
Amazing prizes to include: Salt & Straw, Five Little Monkey and gaming gift cards, fun books and an Echo dot!! 
Pawsitively Healthy Walk/Bike to School Day
Please join us on Friday, February 24th for our 3rd "Paws-itively" Healthy Walk/Bike to School Day. We will have music, students will receive a colorful paw charm to add to their necklace and it is a fun chance to gather while we do good for our health and the environment!

Hillsborough Schools Foundation

Right now, 80% of South Tiger families have donated to the Hillsborough Schools Foundation, the organization that funds nearly 15% of our school’s budget every year.  But we know we can get to 90% or more participation, as we have done before!  At 90% participation, South will receive a $5,000 grant from HSF which will be used to add water filling stations to the campus.


To give our families an extra push to help us reach our goal, we’re offering a tasty incentive: the grade to reach the 90% giving level first will receive a cupcake party!


Here is where our grades stack up today:

Kinder - 87%

1st - 76%

2nd - 74%

3rd - 69%

4th - 72%

5th - 81%

To help your child’s grade win a cupcake celebration, please go here to make a donation to HSF today!  (And for those of you with kids in multiple grades, fear not - give once and you’ll get credit for all your children)