Measure H needs your vote! Complete your ballot TODAY!
Wed, Jun 1 3:34pm

South Parents,

Polls close on June 7th and 92% of HCSD families have not yet voted. Measure H needs our votes to allow for critical funding to continue the tradition of academic excellence of our schools.  

Measure H provides locally-controlled funding to improve our facilities so our schools can maintain and improve the high-quality of education our children receive. The State and Federal Government do not provide dedicated funding for school facility improvements. The very limited state funding which might be available for facility upgrades generally requires local matching funds, usually provided by a local school improvement measure. HCSD has applied and will continue to apply for applicable funding from the State if it becomes available. 

Measure H will:

*Upgrade classrooms for science, technology, engineering, arts and math instruction

*Repair and upgrade deteriorating roofs, plumbing, electrical

*Upgrade schools to meet current earthquake, fire safety and ADA accessible standards

*Replace portables with permanent classrooms


Visit for more information about the measure, endorsements and a robust FAQ.


Please find your ballot TODAY and mail it in as soon as possible. You can also drop it in the ballot box located in the parking lot of Town Hall. And if you can’t find your ballot stop by the voting center in Town Hall to get a replacement.  The voting center will be open this Saturday-Monday 9am-5pm and Tuesday June 7th from 7am-8pm.  

Lastly, you don’t need to vote on all the issues for your ballot to count - but do make sure to vote YES ON H for our children and our schools!