Pawsitively Healthy Walk/Bike to School Day + 49ers Spirit Day Tomorrow!
Thu, Jan 26 1:00pm

Pawsitively Healthy Walk/Bike to School Day

Remember to join us tomorrow morning for our 2nd “Paws-itively” Healthy Walk/Bike to School Day. We will have music, students will receive a colorful paw charm to add to their necklace, and it is a fun chance to gather while we do good for our health and the environment!

We encourage friends and neighbors to meet and walk to school together, but there will not be class or grade level meetups for this Walk/Bike to School Day and students should be accompanied by an adult. If you live further from school, you can park at least 3-5 blocks from school and walk over. Anyone biking must wear a helmet and parents should not follow behind their biker in their car.
See our SPG website for more details and all of this year’s Walk/Bike to School Dates at South!
49ers Spirit Day 
Tomorrow is a 49ers Spirit Day. Wear red and gold or 49ers gear!